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Austin, Texas

Wellspring Counseling

New Client Questions

What are your hours?

I am offering both online and in-office sessions at various times Monday through Friday between 10 am – 5:30 pm.  Standard counseling sessions are 50 minutes long, and depending on your preference or need 80 minutes sessions are also available. 

What is your fee?

My standard fee is $160 for a 50-minute session, $240 for an 80 minute session.  For those wishing to utilize health insurance, I can furnish you with a receipt for self-filing.  Consider checking with your insurance company for clarification of your out-of-network counseling benefits.

How often do I come?

Counseling is for you, so the pace is largely determined by you and your situation.  Some are best served by coming weekly, while for others every other week seems like a good fit.  You can choose what is feels right for you, and I can help you decide how to best meet your needs.  Keep in mind that counseling is most effective, regardless of how often you come, when you are committed and focused.

How do I get started?

Contact my office by phone or email your questions and to arrange an initial appointment.  For an in office visit, bring your completed paperwork with you or plan to arrive 15 minutes early to complete it in the waiting room.  For online sessions, please email your paperwork at least 48 hours before your initial session. Your first visit has the same fee and format as subsequent sessions.

Can I download the paperwork?
You may download and the new client paperwork before coming to your session.   For some it's easiest to print it out and complete it by hand.  If you are experienced with Adobe Acrobat, the "Fill & Sign" option works to complete it electronically.   Please remember to bring the forms along with you to your first visit!  Click here to download  New Client Paperwork.

How can I pay?
You may pay by hand with cash or check or electronically with Apple Pay, Venmo, and PayPal.  Payment is due at the time of service.  A receipt for self-filing can be furnished for those wishing to utilize insurance.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

Keeping your appointments is an important responsibility, and it is necessary to give adequate notice if you cannot make your appointment.   Please notify my office at least 24 hours in advance when cancelling or rescheduling appointments to avoid paying for the session.  More information about late cancellations is in your new client paperwork.