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Austin, Texas

Merry Anderson, MA, LPC

Individual & Couples Counseling
in Austin, Texas.

‚ÄčCounseling in Austin

Counseling can be an interesting and fun process of discovery, learning, healing and growth. I work with both individuals and couples to process thoughts, feelings and interpersonal dynamics. I like clients to take the lead in pursuing the things that are important to them, while I consider it my job to challenge them and help guide the therapeutic process of getting there. My approach is experiential - meaning I like clients to have an experience of change or growth within the sessions they can then take with them into their personal or professional lives.

I specialize in helping people grow emotionally, to work through interpersonal conflict and learn how to communicate better, to heal from trauma and abuse, and to develop better boundaries when needed. I also help emotionally sensitive and compassionate people gain better self-awareness and understanding enabling them to better thrive.

Although my experience in life is with the Christian faith, I provide a space for all people to include and explore their spiritual beliefs, values, questions and struggles.  People of all faiths (or non-faith), ethnicity and orientations are accepted and respected.